О Denas по английски

A dream about a universal mode of treatment of numerous diseases is translating into reality. Keeping in hand this book you are close to this dream materialization. Even the popular statement that nerves make us sick became especially live issue. A family of apparatuses DENAS which is based on the use of self-regulating neuron-like pulse is realization of this dream. The original and unique in its action apparatus for the physical therapy was designed on the basis of many years of experience of Oriental medicine and results of fine researches of Russian scientists. The excellent assistant capable of alleviating a pain syndrome and preventing the development of chronic illnesses and treating the latter is now in your hands. This is your family doctor which is always at hand.

DENAS is always with you: both days and nights, both in heat and in severe cold, and at home and in field conditions, and when a professionally qualified expert is absent, and with his presence – the results of DENAS-treatment won’t keep waiting for itself. And these results are only positive in 85% of cases.

Basic principles
The appliance DENAS has the biological return connection and produces a dynamic neuro-like impulse, which is perceived as a natural physiological signal. Harmony of self-regulation settles in human organism, adaptively-protective powers of organism restore. The patient recovers.

Treatment techniques
One can raise the organism’s adaptation level on his or her own, if one would persistently work using special methods, for example, yoga, practice meditation or starvation. But all these methods take much time and require particular will. With the help of the DENAS-therapy you can reach the same results, but in an easier, quicker and more effective way. For those who don’t have much time and will to practice long-term systems of health restoration, DENAS is the only way to be healthy.

DENAS can help only those people who want to be healthy without any reserve. To the people, who are ready to change the world around them, and not just to adapt to it till endlessness. The DENAS-MEDICINE does not want from a patient any obedience, passivity and blind trust in rescue. The medicine wants the person, it aspires to help to, know, think and work together with the doctor